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Brian & Mary Lehman

Raising our Yorkie puppies has been an incredible journey that fills our hearts with warmth and joy every day. From the moment they are born, we feel a deep connection to each one of them. It's like watching little miracles grow right before our eyes.

Waking up to their tiny yawns and playful barks is the best part of our day. Brian and I work together to make sure they have the best care possible. We spend hours cuddling, playing, and teaching them new things. The sense of accomplishment when they learn a new trick or figure out their potty training is so rewarding.

We can't help but smile as I see their personalities develop. Some are adventurous explorers, while others are more on the shy side. Each puppy has a unique charm that makes them special to us. As they grow, our bond deepens, and it's hard not to get attached.

Of course, saying goodbye when they're ready to go to their forever homes is bittersweet. It's a mix of happiness knowing they're starting a new chapter with loving families, and a touch of sadness because they've become a part of our lives. But we take comfort in knowing that we've given them a strong foundation and lots of love to carry with them.

Raising these Yorkie puppies has brought so much fulfillment into our lives. The love and joy they bring are immeasurable, and we wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world. - Brian & Mary 🐾

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we're excited to chat about our adorable Yorkie puppies. Drop us a line and let's start a conversation about bringing some cuteness into your life! - Located in Nappanee, IN

A Few Of Our Past Puppies

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