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Your Personal
Puppy Concierge

Here at PAWSitive Puppies we are your personal puppy

concierge EXTRAORDINAIRE'S! We have close, personal relationships with ALL of our breeders. All of our breeders adhere

to responsible breeding practices and raise these precious pups

as if they were their own, with lots of love and attention. All of our breeders must follow our strict  CODE OF ETHICS Our goal

here at PAWSitive Puppies is to match the perfect puppy with the

perfect family!

Importance of Healthy Bloodlines and Genetic Testing

Unchecked and careless breeding can result in a

number of  dangerous health risks. Including a

significant risk of canine related cancers, an increased likelihood of skin allergies, joint pains from bone malformations, retina malformations and other eye problems that may cause vision loss. Fatal heart

defects, high blood pressure and respiratory problems.

We want you to be able to enjoy your fur-baby for

years to come, which is why all of our

breeders practice responsible breeding practices and participate in genetic testing programs to ensure all of their moms and dads are passing down the best parts

of themselves for these little fur babes!

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Click a Link Below To Learn More About Genetic Testing
Image by Helena Lopes



Take a Stand Against Puppy Mills

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The cute puppies you find at local pet stores or through various online channels were more than likely unethically bred from dogs who unfortunately don't receive the love and care that they should. The ugly truth is, they are bred in unsanitary conditions without adequate food, water, socialization, or proper veterinary care... In order to maximize puppy sales, female dogs are bred many times a year without adequate recovery time in between litters. TAKE A STANCE, by choosing to work with PAWSitive Puppies to minimize puppy mills sales and therefore limit their unethical breeding practices.

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