Boston Terriers

"The American Gentleman"

The Boston Terrier is a Gentle Breed  With Tuxedo Type Markings That Earned Them The Name"The American Gentleman".They Have Large Expressive Eyes That You Just Cant Seem To Say No To. They Typically Have a Friendly Personality and Require a Minimal Amount of Grooming. They Enjoy Being Around People and Get Along Well With Children As Well as Other Dogs and    Pets if Properly Socialized. They Usually Weigh Around  15-20  Pounds and  Typically Stand 12 to 17 Inches Tall at The Shoulder.The Boston Terrier is a Lively Dog, But They Don't Have Excessive Exercise Requirements. They are Generally Lazy Indoors and Love To Relax on The Couch With Their Owners, But Are Definitely Ready and Willing When it Comes To Play-Time! These Precious Little Ones are Currently Looking For Their Furever Home! Contact Me Today To Set Up A Meet and Greet!

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